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Kat CD Ripper 5.3.0

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Extract just about anything from an audio CD

Although many programs are now able to rip your CDs to multiple formats, few are as powerful as Kat CD Ripper. View full description


  • Allows you to rip any part of a CD


  • May not work well with Vista

Very good

Although many programs are now able to rip your CDs to multiple formats, few are as powerful as Kat CD Ripper.

Kat CD Ripper allows you to rip a whole CD, selected tracks or even parts of selected tracks while supporting CDDB at the same time, meaning you don't have any time consuming relabeling to do when you are done. As is standard with such programs, you have full control over sampling rates and other parameters regarding the quality of the Mp3 or WAV files that you rip. It also features a useful volume normalisation function which allows you to make sure that if you're mixing different tracks off of different CDs, the finished product does not sound all over the place. Probably the most unique feature however is the ability to select a section of the CD in a window display which allows you to select the "range" of the track - basically the start and the end position. You can also record sounds directly into the program from a microphone. The downside however is that the program has been designed with Windows XP in mind which means that Vista users may experience certain glitches in recording and problems in ripping.

Overall, a very powerful ripping tool that gives you maximum control over exactly what you need to record.

Kat CD Ripper supports the following formats


Kat CD Ripper offers great audio rips.

The application allows you to select and store configuration profiles maintaining the current profilename active at start up. The program includes rich encoding options and a normalize volume feature. It also has the ability to extract a section of the CD having a window display for you to select the range of the track (the starting and the ending position).Kat Ripper includes a recording sound files option. You can select time-limited recording or you can opt for the free length encoding (after pressing Record, you have to hit Stop to end recording). Furthermore, you can designate the output encoder.

Kat CD Ripper has many features such as a miniplayer, record files option, different encoder options and various converting possibilities.

This application supports CDDB and ID3 tagging which means you can automatically download CD track information and save them in the encoded file. However, if your CD is not found in the local CDDB, you can select the CDDB Batch Query menu option and, by doing so, gather the CD information of the pending disc entries (i.e. the albums specified in the CDDB_Batch.txt file), saving the disc information into the local CDDB and/or CDPlayer.ini files, according to your existing settings.

CDs is done with great ease by both advanced users and beginners due to an attractive user friendly interface and an increased ripping speed which requires only a few minutes for a complete CD extraction.

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